Forensic analysis

Our specialty is the non-intrusive investigation of what happened in an information system, performing checks in the appropriate way so as not to alter the breached system.

Our philosophy is to respect the fundamental rights of the involved persons from the beginning, by having in our team legal and technical specialists in the admissibility of evidence.


Forensic Analysis

Independently or within a broader investigation, we perform a Forensic Analysis on physical supports with information (hard disks, cell phones, USB memories, etc.) susceptible of being analyzed to obtain data and conclusions. Thanks to our experience and efficiency, this analysis will detail unauthorized actions that may have occurred in the information system, obtaining valid and reliable conclusions.

Technical Report

This report is essential in a forensic case. This document will correctly reflect the procedures and techniques used and the results obtained from the evidence found.

Civil Trial

In a trial, our forensic specialist describes the most important concepts and conclusions that will allow us to reach the desired objective: to attend or dismiss a lawsuit.